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Black Box Introduces New Zero U Transmitters for Agility KVM Product Family

Small form factor KVM transmitters help to save valuable rack space while transmitting HD DisplayPort or DVI video as well as USB 2.0 signals over IP

PITTSBURGH, June 2018 - Black Box, an industry-leading provider of keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) connectivity and signal distribution systems, today announced the addition of two IP-based Zero U KVM Transmitters to the Agility High-Performance KVM product family. The USB-powered, small form factor DVI transmitter and DisplayPort transmitter [110mm (L) x 55mm (W) x 25mm (D)] are both ideal for server rooms and outside broadcasting trucks where rack space is limited and expensive

“Since rack space is increasingly becoming a critical cost factor for our customers from industries such as broadcast, public safety and air traffic management, we’ve been anticipating their demand for KVM transmitters that help to overcome that challenge,” said Josh Whitney, Senior Vice President - Technology Product Solutions business at Black Box. “These small, IP-based transmitters extend USB and multiple video resolutions up to HD over a Gigabit Ethernet network, and enable simple plug-and-play connectivity for servers and users.”

The Zero U KVM Transmitters support video resolutions up to 1920x1200 @ 60 Hz from a DVI or DisplayPort interface and full-speed USB 2.0 connectivity supporting HID devices as well as graphic tablets, touch screens and bi-directional USB audio. Because they transmit 1:1 pixel-perfect video, they are perfectly suitable for even the most demanding graphical applications.

The small KVM devices can easily be put into any USB 2.0 port of a server and, just like a dongle, don’t consume any rack space and make future scaling of a KVM system as easy as plug and play. Connecting them into an existing or dedicated Gigabit Ethernet network and combining them with Agility receivers and an iPath controller, the installation can be built out to an enterprise-level KVM matrix switching system that is both future-proof and highly reliable. The Zero U Transmitters also help to save energy costs by requiring less than 3 Watts each and can be powered from USB, which eliminates the need for an external PSU.

Radian FleX is offered in two powerful suites, the Radian FleX Suite and the Radian FleXPro Suite. The Flex Suite is best fit for economic video wall installations that are not reliant on fail safe operation. The FleXPro Suite includes dual controllers to ensure fail safe operation for mission-critical visualizations like control and command rooms.

“These new Zero U Transmitters will not only help companies save money for rack space and power consumption, they will also make scaling of new or existing Agility KVM systems much easier. IT system planners can now build out their connectivity infrastructure as they grow, by simply adding another small, USB-powered transmitter device per server,” said Whitney.

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