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WLAN A/V Presentation System

Black Box presents wireless presentations

Wireless data streaming to beamers and monitors for up to 64 participants

Hallbergmoos, January 25, 2012 – The new Wireless A/V Presentation System III from Black Box, the IT and communications equipment manufacturer, converts each beamer or VGA monitor into a wireless receiver of audio-visual content. That way, presentations from up to 64 different sources can be shown without the need to swap cables for example - from anywhere up to a distance of 90 meters. The system is thus ideal for conference rooms with many participants and improves teamwork considerably.

Besides full-screen, the Wireless A/V Presentation System III also allows a 4-to-1 split screen display. In this mode, up to four contents can be displayed side by side as quadrants for convenient comparison. What is more, the 1-to-4 mode allows a single content to be projected onto four different displays. The wireless 802.11 interface provides smooth and fast data streaming of PowerPoint or Word documents and supports data formats such as jpg, MPEG-1/MPEG-2/MPEG-5, DivX, or H.264.

Setup is extremely easy: participants use their WLAN-enabled laptop to establish a connection to the receiver. Besides Windows computers, Mac computers are supported as well. Session login and gatekeeper functions protect their privacy. The control function moderates the conference: it allows to conveniently determine in which sequence which content is projected onto which screen and in which mode. Thanks to the neat web-based system management, names can be assigned clearly to the computers of the participants, that can then be selected and prioritized with a click. The system also doubles as an access point at the same time, allowing participants of the conference to surf the Internet without interfering with ongoing projections.

“Especially at conferences with several presentations, problems and delays occur during the change-over of speakers – connectors don’t fit, something doesn’t work, and until the presentation is up and running, minutes pass achingly slow sometimes. With our new system, all this is now a thing of the past: simply activate the WLAN at the notebook, log in and that’s it!“ Axel Bürger, Managing Director of Black Box Deutschland GmbH, explains. “Speakers can even remain at their seats, or present and compare their results together with other participants.“

About Black Box:
Black Box (NASDAQ: BBOX) is one of the world’s largest technical services company with focus on design, installation and maintenance of network infrastructure systems. From data communication and telecommunication services to on-site network installations, the company supports more than 175,000 clients in 141 countries with 194 regional offices. With “Free Tech Support“ for free and competent technical advice on the phone, free test scenarios, as well as installation and maintenance services, Black Box offers an exceptional service program. The Black Box main catalogue is well-known in the industry and comprises an extensive product portfolio on more than 700 pages. It provides details of approx. 10,000 IT products such as network components, as well as solutions for infrastructures and applications.

The headquarters of Black Box Corporation is in Pittsburgh, USA. Worldwide, the company has approximately 4300 employees, 50 of which in Germany. Black Box Deutschland GmbH is active on the German market since 1984. Its regular customers include small and medium-sized businesses, as well as big enterprises of various branches, such as services, industry, telecommunications, health care and public administration, as well as the banking and insurance sector.
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