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Black Box Introduces Comprehensive Line of Slim-Net™ 28-AWG Patch Cables

Black Box has introduced a new line of CAT6 and CAT6A patch cables with slim 28-AWG stranded copper conductors. With a diameter of only 4.1 mm, Slim-Net 28-AWG cable is almost half the size of a typical 24-AWG cable, which makes Slim-Net cables less bulky and offers better flexibility than 24-AWG cables.

Slim-Net cables offer significant benefits for high-density telecom rooms and data centres.

One of the primary benefits is improved airflow to equipment due to increased space between the patched cables. In addition, Slim-Net cables greatly improve handling making it easier to patch cables; perform moves, adds, and changes; and to identify port assignments.

Because the cables are so much thinner than traditional cables, users can save space in racks as well as cable pathways and managers. The flexibility of the cables also improves cable routing and management. The number of horizontal cable managers can be reduced or eliminated completely.

"These cables are designed to free up space in crowded racks," says Ryan Hopkins, Cable Product Manager at Black Box. "Users can be assured of premium network performance since we test the cables against all standards."

The Slim-Net 28-AWG CAT6 and CAT6A cables are available in seven lengths and seven colors.

5.9 mm diameter

Slim-Net™ 28-AWG
4.1 mm diameter

'SlimNet': Black Box Slim-Net 28-AWG cable versus 24-AWG cable.

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