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Press Release

Black Box ensures limitless freedom on video walls

New video-wall processor displays any source, in any position and at any size

Munich, July 2016 – The new Radian™ modular video-wall processor from the KVM and AV solution specialists Black Box makes it possible to configure professional video walls in control rooms and stations with optimum design freedom: unlike many other systems, the content is not tied to the limits of the monitors used, but instead can be positioned exactly as the user wishes anywhere on the entire monitor wall, as well as being shifted, enlarged and reduced in size as required. And all of this in real time, with no delay! This makes the system ideal for emergency call centres, operations centres and command centres, as well as for control rooms (broadcasting) and control centres in the field of industry and in supply companies.

The visual depiction of information on video walls is becoming increasingly important, not least in control rooms: a shared image is the key to discoveries, collaboration and well-founded decisions. Modern video walls already permit a certain degree of flexibility and scalability, but are literally constrained by the limits of the monitors: displaying a source on 2x4 monitors is not a problem, but a reduction to 1.5x3 monitors is not easily possible. "The latest generation of professional video walls is now overcoming these limits", explains Hans-Peter Kuhnert, Vice President Sales EMEA at Black Box. "You can imagine the whole video wall as one screen or a single, huge monitor, on which the content can be moved about in real time and changed in size as the user wishes. This guarantees an extremely high level of user convenience and a real plus in terms of overview and productivity."

The foundation and central component for these advanced video walls is a video-wall processor that can be equipped with input and output cards in a flexible manner, and which processes multi-gigabyte data quantities in real time, scales these as necessary and outputs them in various resolutions up to 4K60 (DisplayPort). Hundreds of very different sources can be connected to the new Radian™ and output on up to 64 screens. To enable this, a very wide range of interfaces is available, from HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort to Ethernet/H.264, as well as older and analogue standards such as component, composite and VGA. Moreover, additional programs that can also be integrated in the display run on the Microsoft® Windows®-based system. This means that live images, IP streams and locally-stored media can be mixed and output in one application. And this can be done in any size required, at any point on the monitor wall the user wishes.

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