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Laboratory automation

Laboratory automation

Laboratory workstations, the central entity of the hospital information system

Comparing all hospital departments, the lab is the supplier generating the largest amount of digital data. Day by day, the analysing equipment of a medium-sized clinic delivers thousands of measurement results to the lab computers.

The resulting electronically refined findings for the patient records are quality tested and provide a wealth of additional diagnostic information. Like the radiology information system, the lab information system is one of the largest information subsystems in a hospital. The central tasks of such information systems are the management of the patient master data, the logging of diagnoses and centralized accounting.

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Lab automation

Lab automation implies the automation of lab processes in healthcare and other areas such as chemistry, bio-, pharmaceutical and food technology. Several work processes can be performed by computerized lab automation systems. These include, for example, the automatic execution of all kinds of measurements involving suitable sensors and analysers.

Laboratory automation in healthcare

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