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Solutions for laboratory lines

Solutions for laboratory lines

Solutions for lab automation in laboratory lines – KVM extension and interconnection

Various analysers, taking measurements 24/7, are integrated in laboratory lines. These lines include laboratory devices to analyse blood values, coagulation, or urine – to name a few. The devices are often spread out far across the laboratory line and are operated and controlled by separate PCs.

Laboratory lines in healthcare

During the day, many lab technicians are working with the devices. In the evenings and at night, the results need to be monitored promptly by only a few laboratory workers – ideally from a central station.

To optimize work processes and increase employee efficiency, a reliable solution is required, enabling the laboratory worker to switch to different analyser computers from his laboratory workstation and keep an eye on all important measurement results at the stroke of a key. Direct local access to the computer is also ensured.

ServSwitch 4Site flex

To display the results clearly, 4-in-1 video processors, such as ServSwitch 4Site flex, facilitate the graphic arrangement of four analysers on a single large monitor. With KVM extension and switching, all analyser computers connected can be arranged in any way on the display. If more than 4 video signals are to be monitored at the same time, a cascade of 4Sites offers sufficient options to display up to 16 signals. This display can also be mirrored to other rooms.

The spatial separation of laboratory workstation and computer can easily and reliably be achieved with KVM extenders and switching systems. Regardless of whether analog or digital video formats are being used and whether the system is directly connected or via existing network infrastructure: the lab technician always has the “real-time feel”, i.e. as if he is working directly at the lab PC.

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KVM solutions for laboratory environments

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