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Infrastructure solutions in public transport

Infrastructure solutions in public transport

Overcome your IT challenges with our complete portfolio of infrastructure solutions

Increased flexibility and mobility of IT can help your personnel efficiently manage their time, daily tasks and messages including voice mail, e-mail and appointment scheduling so they have more time to focus on the applications and processes of their jobs. We have years of experience designing and optimizing public transport networks, including control rooms, reception areas, cafeterias, meeting rooms, giving your personnel the best possible environment to secure the safety of your passengers.

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Structured Cabling

Cabling requirements can be critical in a public transport environment. Our structured cabling solutions are ideal, and include both high-speed copper (CAT5e/6/6a/7) and fibre options for delivering quality images, in real-time.


Wireless/Wired WAN connectivity gives your personnel and passengers high-speed internet access from anywhere in the control room, bus/train station or airport.

SmartPath Enterprise Wireless gives you complete protection in your control room, bus/train station or airport. Control and limit wireless access for both passengers and personnel so people can only access what you want them to access, when you want them to access it.

Take advantage of todays technology in Public Transport


Increasing both physical and network security helps your personnel protect valuable equipment and confidential data.

Biometrics give you control of physical access to any area of your building that you decide. Protect expensive equipment or highly sensitive data by restricting access to only those members of your personnel who require it.

CCTV and environmental monitoring add a further level of physical security and protection for areas that need it.

Digital Signage

Take advantage of today’s digital signage technology to help ensure your personnel and passengers have access to the right information at the right time.

Digital Signage gives passengers up to date information on timetables, connections, but it can also be a great way to promote your own events or social media activity. Content can be customized to the specific needs of passengers.

Different content distribution networks can be created. In this manner dispatch operators can update the information for passengers, while other members of your personnel update information for internal use like the occupation of meeting rooms, lunch hours, etc.

KVM solutions for Public Transport

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