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HDMI Connector Standards

HDMI Connector Standards

High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) was the first digital interface to combine uncompressed high-definition video, up to eight channels of uncompressed digital audio, and intelligent format and command data in a single cable. HDMI is the de facto standard for consumer electronics. HDMI is backward compatible with DVI. Buy only tested cables with the HDMI logo. This guarantees the cable will perform to specification especially because there is no maximum length specified in the HDMI standard. And because longer lengths require a larger cable, HDMI cables usually have 24–28 AWG copper conductors. For 1080p, Deep Color, or 3D content, choose High-Speed HDMI cables.

HDMI Connector

HDMI ConnectorThe HDMI connector is compact and is somewhat similar to a USB connector. Use this serial interface to connect audio/video equipment, such as DVD players, a set-top box and A/V receivers with an audio and/or video monitor, such as digital TV over a single cable. HDMI works with standard, enhanced, and high-definition video. It has a bandwidth of up to 10.2 Gigabytes so it supports all HDTV standards and has bandwidth to spare for future applications. What's more, HDMI is backward compatible with DVI equipment, such as PC's, TV's and other electronic devices using the DVI standard. The DVI device simply ignores the extra data.

HDMI comparison chart


High-Definition Multimedia Interface® (HDMI) is the first digital interface to combine uncompressed high-definition video, multichannel audio, and intelligent format and command data in a single cable.

HDMI offers significant benefits over older analogue AV connections. It provides superior video and audio clarity because there's no signal loss from digital-to-analogue conversions. Plus it supports resolutions of 1920 x 1080p and multiple audio formats from standard stereo to multichannel surround sound. Plus, it provides two-way communication between the video source and the digital TV, enabling simple, remote, point-and-click configurations.Find out more about our HDMI over IP Distribution solution.

The Connector Standard

HDMI is emerging as the connection standard for HDTV and the consumer electronics market. Because HDMI transmits all signals over one cable, it's quite desirable for home cinema electronics and systems. It greatly simplifies the installation of home entertainment systems by eliminating the tangle of cables running behind the system. It's also very cost effective because only one cable is needed.

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