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How Video Compression Affects AV and KVM Systems

Webinars: watch and learn

Because video consumes so much bandwidth, developers have to come up with increasingly efficient compression technologies. These technologies balance bandwidth usage so you can distribute high-resolution video and use a multitude of applications at the same time. But how does video compression specifically affect AV systems and KVM solutions that provide users with access to desktops, wayfinding, and even critical hardware required in control rooms?

Join our 45-minute webinar to learn about compression technologies and schemes, use cases for different application scenarios, and how the right compression algorithm can make a drastic difference for professional AV and KVM systems.


  • Video quality options and bandwidth requirements
  • Lossless vs. lossy compression
  • Popular schemes: VNC, H.264/5, RDP, and more
  • Efficient utilization of compression in AV and KVM systems

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