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Wireless Presentation & Collaboration System

Coalesce™ Meeting Place Edition is a professional wireless presentation system that allows users to share content seamlessly and professionally in conference rooms, huddle spaces, training rooms and classrooms. This presentation system enables users, even remote users, to wirelessly connect to the system, while up to four users can simultaneously share and control any type of content from their own device, either tablet, laptop or smartphone. It combines wireless displays, video conferencing and screen sharing technologies to encourage true business collaboration and increase productivity in meetings.

Coalesce™ Meeting Place Edition
provides you Wireless Streaming with:

  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Multi-user collaboration
  • Online or/and offline streaming
  • Wired or/and wireless connectivity
  • No need for dongles or cables to connect
  • Hotspot capability through a built-in wireless access point
  • HDMI displays and projectors compatibility
  • Guest Authorisation Access security with PIN and 128-AES encryption


Real-Time Wireless Collaboration »

Create, connect, and begin true collaboration. Everyone's ideas are just a few clicks away, and shared instantly with other users.

Up to 4 Users Simultaneously »

Coalesce™ Meeting Place Edition allows up to 4 users to simultaneously connect and share from anywhere in the world, enabling true collaboration.

Connect with Any
Device »

Cast any device's screen to the central display. Use your laptop, tablet or smartphone and connect via Windows client, Chrome web browser, Apple Airplay or the free Android/iOS app.

Touch Interactivity and Remote Control »

Touch screen interactivity and remote reach-through enable users to control their laptop or tablet from the main touch screen display.

Dual-Network Mode »

Connect wirelessly, over a wired network, or both at the same time. This enables corporate users to connect through the corporate network and guests to connect wirelessly without compromising network security.

Local and Remote Sharing »

Multiple attendees, even remote users, can connect to the main display at the same time.

Interactive Digital Whiteboarding »

Enable users to sketch ideas, annotate and brainstorm on screen, and share it all with their team.

Embedded Media Player »

An embedded media player provides better A/V quality. Users can upload videos and audio, or link to URLs to play media directly.


Coalesce™ enables wireless collaboration anywhere, in huddle spaces, conference rooms, corporate meeting spaces, classrooms and lecture halls of any size.


Coalesce™ Meeting Place Edition Wireless Presentation System

Create a wireless presentation and collaboration environment in any room using laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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Coalesce™ Meeting Place Edition Leaflet

Coalesce™ Meeting Place Edition Leaflet DOWNLOAD LEAFLET

Corporate AV Solutions Brochure

Corporate AV Solutions Brochure DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

Collaboration Spaces and Huddle Rooms White Paper


Coalesce Security Features White Paper

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