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ONE Console Controls Multiple Classification Systems with NIAP 4.0 Certified Cybersecure Switches



Quick Introduction to NIAP 4.0 Secure KVM

Every day, organizations face critical network security challenges. One of the most vulnerable parts of a network is the user console. Simply connecting computer peripherals such as keyboard and mouse to multiple PCs introduces potential data leakage and hacking risks.

Black Box Secure KVM Switches provide port isolation between networks, ensuring that no data leaks between secure ports and the outside world. Built with true air-gap data-path isolation between systems and networks, these switches also help prevent hardware tampering and EDID/audio detection.

NIAP Protection Profile (PP) PSD v4.0 contains the strictest testing and security stipulations available today. Listed on the NIAP Product Compliant List (PCL), Black Box NIAP PSD v4.0-certified Secure KVM Switches meet the highest Common Criteria Protection Profile/Information Assurance standards defined by NIAP.

Application Diagram: Secure KVM Switching

Multiple Site Application

Benefits of Black Box NIAP 4.0 Certified Secure KVM Switches

Better Situational Awareness

Control and monitor systems with differing classification levels through a single operator console with up to 8 screens or single-screen multiview.

Comprehensive Portfolio

Choose from Desktop KVM Switches, KM Switches, 1-Port Defenders, & Multiviewers with or without CAC-options for USB biometric card readers.

4K Video

Supports up to 4K/30 DisplayPort and HDMI video for demanding applications, HD DVI is also available.


Options with HD Flexport combo connectors accept standard HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI cables for the utmost video flexibility.

Full Information Assurance

Tested and certified under the strict US NIAP PSD v. 4.0 scheme and fully manufactured in US, also available with TEMPEST certification.

Reduce Costs of Ownership

Provides overall cost savings with significantly less equipment, power, and space requirements.

Trusted Manufacturer

Black Box is a global leader in KVM technology with more than 40 years market presence, offering TAA compliant products, GSA pricing, and IMPAC/GSA payments.


Seasoned expert team around the globe provides exceptional support and guidance in your local time zone and language.


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