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Digital Signage

Deliver the right message at the right time, with compelling digital signage

Digital Signage, also known as electronic signs, electronic displays, flat panel displays, video signage, video advertising networks, retail display networks, networked displays, menu boards, media displays, plasma screens, LCD screens, LED signage, audio-visual signage, AV displays, narrowcasting, screen media place-based media, digital merchandising, digital media networks

Envisioning a better way to reach customers in a commercial setting?

Trying to come up with an eye-catching way to provide information to the public?
Wanting to share news and events with staff?
Then consider Digital Signage from Black Box.

Replacing traditional billboards, point-of-sale displays, and other ”static” signage, digital signage has emerged as a great new way to catch the attention of an audience constantly on the move. In it’s most basic setup, it means distributing content to a single strategically placed high-resolution video screen.

But you can also build a fully integrated system for multiscreen, multimedia presentations that are both dazzling to the viewer and easy to manage.

Black Box offers the latest components for building a manageable digital signage system, including:

  • Media Players
  • Plasma and LCD screens
  • Video and audio splitters and extenders
  • High-resolution scalers and image controllers
  • Wiring infrastructure products, including copper or fibre optic cabling
  • Complete end-to-end solutions designed, installed and maintained by Prince 2 trained project managers
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Digital signage gives you:

  • Real-time communication. Immediately stream the latest, most relevant information—and instantly change content.
  • Greater reach. You risk not being noticed if you depend on static displays—particularly if you’re one of many advertisers trying to reach a prospective customer. Digital signage gives you the edge. With it, you can command a passing audience’s attention and communicate a message more clearly.
  • Reduced costs. Calculate the cost of constantly sourcing or producing newly designed and printed signage. Over time, an upfront investment in digital signage equipment will prove more cost effective.
  • The image of innovation. If you say you’re a technological leader, then speak loud and clear with the latest digital signage technology when addressing prospective customers. Don’t just get their attention—wow them!
  • Employee information. With the ability to integrate with many business systems you can keep employees updated easily and simply, and show corporate presentations at the touch of a button.

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