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KVM solutions for your control room

Plant server management

Black Box can offer a variety of KVM solutions for your control room. Depending on the size of your plant, the IT infrastructure and the technologies being used, our Black Box experts will advise you with the right solution.

Here is an overview of KVM Solutions which are used in Control rooms:

ServSwitch Agility

The Agility provides the perfect IP solution to plant KVM access for DVI-D servers. Providing both extension and matrix switching, the Agility supports both copper and fibre IP infrastructures. It is ideal for monitoring and control.

ServSwitch CX

For large scale server management, the CX provides the perfect solution by supporting up to 864 individual VGA, or Display Port servers. It provides access from the server room, the control room and supports IP access for remote control. It is scaleable from 8 servers upwards, and utilises catx cabling to achieve distances of up to 300 metres, making it ideal for plant control.

ServSwitch Octet

The Octet provides access for up to 1000 servers, supporting up to 32 concurrent users on the system, and can store access rights for hundreds of users. It supports LDAP integration and SNMP management, and can be externally controlled via RS232. Utilising catx cabling to achieve distances up to 300 metres from server to user, the Octet is the perfect solution for plant access and control.


ServSwitch DKM

The DKM is our flagship matrix switch, providing instantaneous high-definition switching for applications where video quality is paramount. Utilising catx up to 140 metres and fibre cabling up to 10 km, the DKM provides the solution for even the largest of energy plants.

ServSwitch 4Site

The 4Site is great control room tool, providing touch screen access for up to 16 servers on a single screen. Never lose sight of your servers – whilst managing one server, all the other servers are still on the screen via live thumbnail views so all alerts and error messages are visible at all times.

ServSwitch Wizard USB

The SRX is a handy little extension tool for providing KVM access to a server or KVM switch over 50 metres of catx cabling. It supports resolutions of up to 1920 x 1200 for VGA and USB1.1 interfaces and is available as a single head and dual head version. Audio is also extended on both models, and the dual head also supports RS.232.

KVM solutions for Energy Sector