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Advanced switches.

Advanced Switches


A matrix switch is an electronic switch with a keypad for selecting one of many input ports to connect to any one of many output ports.


A port-contention switch is an automatic electronic switch that can be serial or parallel. It has multiple input ports but only one output port. The switch monitors all ports simultaneously. When a port receives data, it prints while all the other ports have to wait.


A scanning switch is like a port-contention switch, but it scans ports one at a time to find one that’s sending data.


Code-operated switches receive a code (data string) from a PC or terminal to select a port.

Matrix Code-Operated

This matrix version of the code-operated switch can be an any-port to any-port switch. This means that any port on the switch can attach to any other port or any two or more ports can make a simultaneous link and transfer data.

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